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Welcome to the Park Platz:


We want a breath of fresh air! When structures no longer work, they need change. That's why we are currently undergoing a reorganisation process and want to open up space for new people, ideas and collectives to take over the management, operation and responsibility of the Park Platz Areal in the future. The OPEN CALL submission deadline has passed, but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We are now in the process, you will find out how it continues here soon.

Post Covid and too much volunteering: the alternative cultural scene lacks money

The radio station is closing, Park Platz is looking for a successor and the Zentralwäscherei is struggling with financial bottlenecks. The alternative club and cultural scene in Zurich is in crisis. The reasons for their financial worries are similar. We asked four institutions.

You can find the full article from tsü here.

Buvette awakens

The Buvette is slowly coming out of hibernation.

Open at ☀️:
Mon-Fri from 2 pm
Sat-Sun from 11 am

+41 78 647 58 36

Menschen auf dem Turm

Park Platz needs your support.

As a green centerpiece and social meeting place in the urban area of Zurich, our Parki offers a place of creativity, exchange and community. Thank you very much for your help!

Culture for all - the fight for non-commercial spaces in Zurich

Documentary film: Fight for non-commercial spaces in Zurich

The parking lot at Letten had to fight for a lease for years, the Zentralwäscherei describes itself as "broke" and the Koch Areal is history - the uncommercial cultural spaces in Zurich are fighting for their survival. We asked the places where we meet up with our friends, get creative or simply go out to party: What's going wrong?

October 9, 2023
By Alina Graber and Liza Mia Stoll

Join in!

We see Park Platz as a community project, as a collective process in which the ideas of many people come together.

The Parki office is intended as a contact point for all those who are actively involved in the square or would like to do so. This is the place where requests and ideas can be discussed, the square can be visited and spaces can be viewed.

Open space - open structures

1x a month on the Parki

The parking lot from above.

Our principles

Park Platz is a meeting place for people of all backgrounds, ages and genders.

Discrimination, sexism, nationalism and racism are out of place.

A place of mutual respect and encounters at eye level.

A space for discussion and exchange, as well as independent and critical thinking.

It thrives on personal responsibility and self-initiative - and strives for consensus-based decision-making processes.

It is also a non-commercial place that does not aim to maximize profits.

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