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The former parking lot next to the old Letten train station an approx. 1400 sqm large area, which offers an open platform for projects of any kind as an interim use. Various people with different interests breathe new life into this space with creativity and commitment again and again. In the small oasis between upper and lower Letten, everyone is invited to join in or to linger amidst the ever-growing lizard population.

Park Platz functions as an interface and sees itself as a place of encounter between people and between ideas and concepts of togetherness.

It offers the opportunity for critical debate, discussions and to create something away from the commercial use of space in Zurich. It is an open platform for projects and ideas that find no place in other places. Long-term, regular or one-time projects do not matter. Art and music projects, garden, playground, workshops, political or social engagement: there are no limits to the ideas.

The projects implemented on Park Square should be in accordance with its principles and may not pursue any commercial goals. Income may only be generated through collections. Solidarity projects are an exception.*As an interim use, it is in the middle of the debate about the urban use of space. Here the question arises: Who owns the city? Who decides where what can happen and who can stay where? How can something be done differently?

If you want to participate, you only need one thing: initiative. We are always happy to receive project ideas or new members. The Parki office as the first point of contact for inquiries takes place every second Thursday at 16.00 (see agenda). Or write to us at

*Projects with gastronomic offer must not compete with the bar on the square, because it is the only financial support of the square and thus ensures the free use of the infrastructure. For this reason, the offer must be agreed with the establishment.

More information in PDF here.

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Our principles

Park Square is a meeting place and gathering place for people of all backgrounds, ages and genders.

Discrimination, sexism, nationalism and racism are out of place.

A place of mutual respect and meeting at eye level.

A space for discussion and exchange, as well as independent and critical thinking.

It lives on personal responsibility and self-initiative - and strives for consensus-based decision-making processes.

Furthermore, it is a non-commercial place that does not aim to maximize profits.